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 Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where are we located?
A: 134 Bridge Rd. (Rt. 1) Salisbury, MA 01952. Click here to see the map.

Q: Can my order be shipped to me?
A: Yes, we can ship your order the same day 6 days per week.

Q: What Credit Cards do we accept?
A: Master Card, Visa, Discover

Q: Do we ship orders C.O.D.?
A: Unfortunately, we can not ship your order C.O.D.

Q: If my heater was purchased at another retailer, can I get it repaired or buy parts at Croteau Enterprises?
A: Yes. We are a certified warranty repair service center for most Propane and Kerosene heaters. If your heater is less than 1 year old, bring it to us with your original sales receipt and we will repair it for you.

Some Common Heater Problems:

Fuel Supply Problem: All Kerosene Heaters have a Fuel Filter. Most of them are in line above the fuel tank, Some are in line inside the fuel tank. Both can be accessed by removing rectangular cover plate on left side of heater. ( 4 Screws ). Check for cracked fuel lines. Remove nozzle and check for blockage. Use forced air to clean the nozzle. Forced Air Kerosene Heaters can burn Clear & Red Kerosene without problems. They will also work with Diesel Fuel, But will burn with a stronger odor, & require more maintenance. Additives will be needed to prevent Diesel from gelling below 30 degrees.

Low Pressure Solid State Oil Heaters




Pump Pressure Problems: Verify pump pressure matched the posted air pressure on label found on Right side of heater. As a rule of thumb, 35- 50,000 Btu Req. 3.4 P.S.I. 70,000 - 100,000 Btu Req. 4.0 P.S.I. 150,000 Btu Req. 4.5 P.S.I. A pressure gauge is required to set the pressure.You will have more problems with to low of pressure, than too high of pressure. If you are unable to change pump pressure, Check for cracks in the black pump cover, Cracked hoses, Clogged pump filter, Worn, or out-of-adjustment pump rotor.


Helpful Hints for Low Pressure Solid State Oil Heaters




Electrical Problems: Heater runs, But the Safety Switch keeps tripping: Check the Photo Cell. It must see a constant light source ( Flame ) to allow heater, to run. You can test the Photo Cell with an Ohm Meter if the cell has 1 Blue, & 1 White wire. A special tool is needed to test Photo Cells with 2 Blue wires. If you believe the Photo Cell is good, You may have a bad Safety Switch. From back of heater look at quality of flame, You should see a constant Bright Orange flame. If you see a flickering flame, Or the heater works better with the hood off, Look for fuel / air pressure problems. ( If your heater has a Circuit Board in place of Safety Switch - We would suggest Bringing it in for service.)

Spark Plug Problems: Worn, dirty, & misaligned Spark Plugs will cause problems. Gap to .55 - .85 in. If you have a Weak spark, Make sure the Transformer & Spark Plug, are securely grounded to the heater. In most cases the Spark plugs Ground electrode should face away from the flame, Check Owners Manual for correct position. ( If your heater has a Glow Plug in place of Spark Plug - We suggest bringing it in for service.)

Still having problems?! Bring it in today and let our expert staff fix it for you. We are fast & have the RIGHT tools. We stock most common repair parts. (978)-465-3221

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